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The Untold Story of African Women in Agriculture

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In most developing countries like Nigeria, subsistence farming contributes a higher percentage towards accessibility, availability and affordability of most foods we consume on a daily basis. 

The undeniable fact is that 70% of both urban and rural women play a vital role in growing, managing, processing and marketing most agricultural produce. However, it is so disheartening that only a few women realize the profit worth of their valuable input and commitment to this noble profession.

Women in Africa make up half of the society and they are responsible for ensuring food security at both household and community levels through regular food production. Therefore, to ensure food security in most developing countries, key constraints affecting rural and urban women in Agriculture need not be only identified but addressed holistically.

The most glaring constraint affecting African women in Agriculture is gender inequity in most spheres of life. The key constraints faced by women in Agriculture are but are not limited to:

  1. Access to quality education, Agricultural information and Agricultural Extension service providers
  2. Socio-cultural, religious, political and economic problems.
  3. Gender discrimination, Acess to land, and Finance.
  4. Low exposure to Agribusiness and soft skills that enable them to compete favourably.

We all have key roles to play in contributing toward attaining food security in Nigeria through women by addressing their identified constraints. Also, creating more women’s capacity-building training will increase their income with smart sustainable and eco-friendly innovation.

Many thanks to all African women contributing greatly toward eradicating hunger and poverty despite the barriers.

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  1. Nafesat lawal

    Thank you all for reading our untold story, we believe we are because you are (ubuntu), a problem shared is half solved, what the way forward we appreciate every comment here, do feel free to drop your opinion.
    I am Nafesat Lawal your African Agric Business Content Developer and consultant. Keep viewing

  2. Festus Chinwendu N

    What a lovely piece. True, women are indeed doing Alot in the Agric space. It’s also pertinent to note that most women still don’t have enough belief and passion for the sector. Most prefer other fields like having a salon, plaza, real estate agents, school/education sector, etc than to play in the agric field,,,, where the real money, impact and value is. Very apt, if this comes across the few who will take the bulls by the horn and gird their loins ahead the responsibility to care for the community and nation through tasks that pqys

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