Meet Adeyemi, LASU 2021 best graduating English student who is now an author

In this interview with Yossy Info Africa (YIA),  Adeyemi Shukroh, an event host and author, speaks on her new book chronicling her journey towards academic excellence and how she emerged the second best graduating student from the Lagos State University, Department of English.

YIA: You recently launched your first book after graduation, tell us about it.

“It is one thing to know something and it is another thing to know how to present it. It is one thing to write and it is another thing to write well. It is one thing to be brilliant and it is another thing to be intelligent. You need to do the best of all of these to attain academic excellence.” That is a quote from my book titled ‘My Undergraduate Sojourn: Attaining Academic Excellence’

My book shares how students can achieve academic excellence and the opportunities available for youths. It explores how undergraduates can execute roles with diligence while excelling in their academics as well as the resilience and determination to live a fulfilled life. The book is free and you can reach out to me via email or download your free copy on my Instagram @theadeyemishukroh


YIA: Did you ever imagine you would become the best-graduating student in your set?

At first, I didn’t imagine it, but later on, I imagined it and created the imagination by working hard and breaking the jinx. And Alhamdulillah, I graduated as the second Best Graduating Student and First Class of the Department of English, Lagos State University.

YIA: How does this achievement make you feel and what does it mean to you?

It makes me feel like the most grateful person in the world. I cried when I saw my final First Class result. I had thought I will not make it. This achievement has taught me many things. The determination and consistency put in it built it into what it is. It means a lifetime to me. It gives me life and a reason to happily proceed in the journey. It is a life-long joy for me.

YIA: Why did you choose to study English and how would you describe the experience?

I chose English because I want it. I love it. I wanted to know about it. My experience was worthwhile because I have passion for what I was studying and it was horrible because of my results, especially when I missed an exam and it followed me till I graduated and again, the extra stress I went through as an all-round undergraduate and also going to school from home.

YIA: At what point did you start making conscious efforts to make sure you graduate with excellent grades?

Since my 100 level days, actually. However, I stopped somehow and lost interest when I missed an exam. After seeing my excellent 300 level results, I became most conscious because I realise that my CGPA was close to a First ClasS and I could make it.

YIA: Were there setback during your studies and how did you overcome them?

I faced financial challenges in terms of feeding, majorly, at the beginning of my undergraduate studies. I didn’t do anything to overcome it. I will just make sure I eat once I get back home. Again is going to campus from home or staying faraway from the university.
At a point, I was working as a content writer in order to get money to by my necessary needs.

YIA: What would be your advice to students, who also desire such academic excellence?

Always try to be the best at what you do. If you must do it, just do it well. If you must read, just read and pass well. You should read to be brilliant, not to pass and think to be intelligent, not to play. Brilliance is what you do after class. Commitment to excellence should be extended beyond the classroom.

I have many pieces of advice for them in my book. They will learn at every phase of my undergraduate life. The book is free. They should endeavour to read. They will really learn a lot from it.

YIA: How were you able to manage your academics with extracurricular activities?

I was able to manage with priority, determination and hard work. I understood that my academics is the major reason why I was in school, so I didn’t allow anything hinder me from studying well. I did my extracurricular activities well because I was determined to be the best at them as well. I worked hard. Placing priorities, determination and hard work will help you multitask roles with diligence.

9. With a BA in English, what are your professional goals?

I wish to have a Professorship in English. I wish to be that non-native speaker of English who knows the English language like a native speaker perfectly.

Adeyemi, Shukroh Feranmi
Instagram – @theadeyemishukroh

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