Mama Amuwo at 44: A Servant Leader’s Journey to Greatness

It is an unarguable fact that with Honourable Mojisolaoluwa Alli-Macaulay, it is obvious that good people make good places. Therefore, Amuwo Odofin will certainly become better and greater under her active representation of the people. 

Today marks Honourable Mojisolaoluwa Omokehinde Alli-Macaulay’s 44th birthday on this earthly plane having been born on Monday, October 10, 1977. This occasion presents a veritable opportunity to celebrate and present the “One in a Million” aspect of an outstanding and visionary leader cum representative of the people. 

Mama Amuwo belongs to the small class of people who despite having the influence, power, privileges and outstanding success, has deliberately and consciously understated them to remain connected to the people, friends and society. Her staunch humility, empathy, authenticity and emotional intelligence are a rare disposition which shows introspection in her conducts and engagements with people of different categories and this unusual acts of hers has always given the people hope and encouragement about the prospects in their ability to achieve and break the glass ceiling. 

Instead of getting lost in the oblivion of self-importance or being power drunk, Honourable Alli-Macaulay remains conscious and awake to the fact that power is transient which has therefore increased her endearment to the people while she fixed her gaze on God for the wisdom and continuous guidance on her mission of proper representation of the people of Amuwo. 

With these alluring idiosyncrasies found at the foundation of Mama Amuwo’s heart, there is something really exceptional about this servant leader. Undoubtedly, Mama Amuwo’s insight and purpose driven service to mankind has overtime distinguished her even in the comity of leaders in the State. 

However, despite your selflessness, kind heart and dedication to service, it’s pertinent to note that humans are not perfect hence, events that have gone down the drain overtime has further established the fact that “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown” is not just and expression but a fact of life, which proximity to you has proven. You are an inspirational leader with a very accommodating spirit, one who cares about everyone around her which is further testified in your genuine care for your staff whom you’ve taken as families and how you reconcile issues is quite peculiar, unprecedented and laudable. 

Consequently, I have come to the realization that leaders are humans and also need empathy, especially a dedicated, people oriented, easy going, visionary and an effortlessly humble and amiable leader like you. Even when the situation was tough and the demography you cherish, love so much and root for always had a thing against you, you were calm and void of the belligerence and brusqueness often associated with politicians when in power. Your composure and fate vindicated you which was further validated with the recommendation you got from the Chairman of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Gen Buba Marwa. Also, a testament of your concern became evident in the 7th Annual Constituency Stakeholders’ meeting by the Lagos State House of Assembly which was themed on the increasing wave of drug abuse as a threat to nation building, the same course you were criticized for. You have handled the situation properly and with your demonstrated calmness, composure and maturity even in the face of criticism, it will not be out of place to say emphatically that you actually have the wisdom beyond the age of 44. This is further validated by your uncommon sagacity, objectivity which you exhibited even in moments of despair. Indeed, your emotional strength as a woman in office is commendable. 

Having a moment with such an embodiment of intellectualism and gracious beauty is one I always look forward to as you share your experiences while climbing the ladder of greatness, this has overtime served as a motivation and reignited the fire in myself and many youths out their that pay keen attention to your teachings while drinking from your reservoir of knowledge and wealth of experiences. 

It is your birthday today, you deserve every accolades and encomiums for your selfless leadership and strong knack for even distribution of the dividends of democracy which has played out in your commitment to the service of the people of Amuwo Odofin and Lagos State at large. You have been a good friend, wife, mother and also a good model for public service efficiency and responsible governance. No doubt, with women like you in office, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos State and Nigeria is headed towards claiming her rightful place in the comity of leading cities and nation in the world. 

As Mama Amuwo marks her 44th birthday today, I wish her long life and prosperity as well as the wisdom and strength to continually deliver her selfless service to the people.  

Oluwatumininu Adetoro is a recent graduate of Mass Communication at the Lagos State University whose interest spans across Public Relations, Corporate Communication, Crisis Management, Media Relations, and Branding. 

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