In Ogun, Heavy Rainfall Renders Family of Six Homeless amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

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A family of six has since been rendered homeless and restless by the heavy rain that fell some few weeks ago in Matogun area of Ogun state, Mariam Ileyemi reports…

While many residents of the community endure the terrible roads and poor social amenities of the rural area, 47-year-old Taiwo and her five daughters said they have had to suffer even more, after they lost their home to a heavy rain.

On a cloudy Saturday noon, heavy rainfall had destroyed the jagged room where Taiwo and her teenage daughters: Aminat, Memunat, Aisha, Mariam and Faidat used to lay their heads.

“I am grateful to God that none of us died in the process,” said Taiwo, looking seemingly unhappy as she shared her travails.

“Two of our neighbours volunteered to help, one helped in keeping our belongings, while we sleep at the second’s house for the main time,” she explained.

The mother of five narrated how the whole family had been leaving in the house for ten years before the sad incident, noting that the father of the family lives elsewhere.

Faidat, daughter of Taiwo, also expressed her worry over inconveniencing their neighbours, who gave them a temporary accommodation, despite the fear of the ravaging pandemic.

“I was teaching in a private school around here before the total lockdown, the pay was helping in one way or the other but now that school is on hold, there is nothing coming in. I currently sow bags and I look for buyers, because we are badly in need of money for shelter.

“I pray God provides for us on time, so that we can leave our neighbours place. We might be inconveniencing them. For instance, where we sleep, they are 5 in their family and including us, that is 11 altogether. That is quite large and it is over 3 weeks already, I am worried,” the young lady said.


Residents in other parts of Ogun have also lamented how flood wreaked havoc some areas of the state, including: Kuto, Isale-Igbein, Lanfewa, Amolaso, Ijeun-Titun, Ago-Ijesa, Abiola way, Isale Abetu, Sokori, Igbore, Oke Mosan and Isale Ake, Ita-Oshin, all in Abeokuta South and North Local Government areas of Ogun state.

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