Igboho’s Dilemma

The embattled Yoruba activist continue to remain under detention in Benin Republic, after being arrested by the operative of brigade criminelle, on july19,2021 in Benin Republic for alleged criminal charges which include illegal migration, Dubious connivance with immigration officers and an attempt to cause civil unrest.

The Yoruba activist was arrested alongside is wife while en-routing to Germany where they both had sought asylum.

Sunday Adeyemo popularly known as Igboho, A Yoruba activist who came into prominence after the persistence attack, killing, kidnapping and invasion of Farmland by some alleged Fulani Herdsman, which lately become persistent in south western Nigeria, particularly in ibarapa Local government in Oyo state where he reign from.

Igboho, who felt the federal government of Nigeria headed by President muhammadu Buhari is treating the killer Herdsman who have continued to wreck havoc and menace especially in the Middle-Belt, South-South and south west Nigeria with kids-Gloves while the perpetrators to leave sad and teary tales on the lips of their attacked victims.

Igboho made a Historical move on january15, when Igboho and his supporters took the battle to end the Fulani herdsman crisis on their shoulders when him and his supporters stormed the Fulani community in Igangan , Ibarapa Local Council of Oyo State to issue a Seven-Day quit notice to Fulani herdsman to vacate Igangan and all other Yoruba Communities or would be Forced to do So.

Igboho who made this declaration in the palace of sarkin Fulani( Saliu Kadri) on January 15, which raise the already heighten polity and the already ethno-religious divided environment, a situation which is already that a later become more fatal when by January22, Igboho and his large supporters in hundreds marched into the palace of sarkin fulani of Igbagan, Forcing the traditional ruler and other residing Fulani in Ibarapa into eviction, a major move that tempted and forced of the governor of the state Seyi Makinde to call for the arrest and prosecution of Sunday Igboho by the federal by government.

Gaining prominence and acceptance by many Yoruba speaking both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria and with the menace of killers Herdmans not seeming to end, and as well as the Federal government shows not showing clear cut chances or strategy in tackling the issues of these persistence attacks on the local community, Sunday Igboho also join other people calling for secessionist like its other compatriot in the Eastern Nigeria secessionist leader mazi Nnamdi kanu, in calling for the separation of Nigeria and breakaway of western region that is mostly predominant of Yoruba speaking people from Nigeria as a unified entity.

Igboho began his rally for seccession of Yoruba people, which he tag the exixtence of Yoruba people in Nigeria, as being slave of the Fulani and northern Nigeria, Champion the cause of secession of Yoruba people under the umbrella of ILANA OMO ODUA, Ighoho began his mega rally from state to state along the western Nigeria, paying visit to Traditional rulers in every state in western Nigeria,holding mega rally and massive spread of propaganda through most especially Social Media leveraging on the detoriating security issues affecting Nigeria to woe people to join the train of seccession and creation of Yoruba Nation.

Prior to the planed Mega rally on july2 in lagos, the operative of the Nigeria secret service raided Igboho house in Soka area of Ibadan at the middle of the night, killing two of his men and arresting over 13 of his supporters, while giving report on reasons of the raid the spoke person the Nigeria secret service Peter Afunanya displayed items being recovered at Igboho residence which include 7 AK 47 riffles,along side pump action guns and,5000 round ammunition, Igboho visa passport, several of its voodoo charm vest and other dangerous weapons, declaring Igboho wanted and should report himself to the nearest police station as the face of the law had catch up with him.

After the bloody raid of Igboho house in soka area of Ibadan Oyo state, and Igboho being declare as wanted criminal, he Yoruba Nation activist find his way smuggle into Benin republic where he was arrested and have since being detain.

Several Yoruba Traditional Rulers and regional stateman have since rally around in making sure the Yoruba nation activist is not being extradited to Nigeria and free from being jailed in Benin Republic as his being faced with several count charges which could attract up to 12years in jail.

Many committees, Legal teams are being constituted to aid in speedy of its trail and ensuring he was fairly trailed within the ambit of the Law, as the present Government is also mounting diplomatic pressure on its neighbor to extradite the Yoruba Nation secessionist, as he has a case to answer against the Nigeria state. Only time will tell if the self embattled Yoruba Nation activist will either be jailed in Benin Republic or will be extradited to Nigeria to face trail, But one thing is sure the road to freedom for the Yoruba Nation activist is very shallow and a very long ride, as he has spend over 30 days under detention in Benin.


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