Home Garden as a solution to food security and the impact of COVID-19 

Every new day seems to be challenging for every Nigerians with the prevailing killer disease, spreading sporadically without discrimination of region across the country irrespective of your differences, we are all finding possible cure because this killer disease has no vaccine to prevent spreading within the country, unfortunately all efforts to curtail the disease become abortive, this disease become everyone night mere,  being a religious and spiritual country we are all praying and chanting for miracle ,  everywhere become a temple for prayer, we can only feel the disease ones it strike us, we become so helpless and extremely weak all we can do is to take our medication daily, with the current economic situation now 85% of Nigerians can’t afford the prescribed medication for the killer disease it become a life-threatening diseases, only if we can all realize that the cure to this killer disease is at everyone home.

What is the killer disease?


What is the cure?

Food Security

What is the solution? 

Home Garden 

There is no doubt that the adoption of Home Garden by every Nigerian will enable us to access wider varieties of vegetables and nutritional fruits for our-daily consumption.

What is a home garden?

Home Garden is the art of cultivation of selected varieties of leafy vegetable and different choice of nutritional fruits in accordance to the family needs.

Dear Nigerians, it is not a must we feed the nation, but it is a must we create an immediate source of food in our various homes I.e home garden, trust me when our stomach is well fed conveniently, we are step ahead to ensure food security in our country.

Marsh and Talukder (1994) and Zerihun, Weyessa and Adugna (2011), stated that home gardening provides a diversity of fresh foods that improve the quantity and quality of nutrients available to the family.

According to the latest State of Food Security and Nutrition report (FAO et al., 2020), some two billion people faced food insecurity at the moderate or severe level. Since 2014, these numbers have been climbing, rising by 60 million over five years.

Oyeleke Bola PRESIDENT/CEO of Tomatoes and Orchard Producers Association of Nigeria (TOPAN) also commented that, Home garden will help in improve productivity in Nigeria and also make the farmers concentrate on industrialization, with more home garden in the system it will enhance food security and nutrition improvement in Nigeria.

Founder/CEO Jay Tech & Allied Resource and Group Managing Director (AIDA) GROUP, Muhammad Jamil Abubakar also commented that, “The rapid expansion of the COVID-19 pandemic, engulfing 186 countries between December 2019 and March 2020, has aggravated risks of severe/extreme food insecurity from 135 million in January 2020 to 265 million by the end of 2020 and still counting. Home gardening and urban agriculture is a very sure way for advancing food and nutritional security in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.”      

Importance of Home Garden to Nigerians

Solution to food security: The availability of food, accessible and affordable in the country irrespective of financial status of every citizen define food security, there is no doubt that the reverse is the case in Nigeria ,with the impact of COVID – 19 pandemic food security become a nightmare to every Nigerian, with the increase of foreign exchange of dollar to naira we  are currently facing food-insecurity, we can no longer depends on import of commodity to our country, it is now paramount we create immediate source of foods in our various home i.e home

It promote organic growing: The adoption of home garden by every Nigerians will enable us to promote healthy lifestyle, we can have access to fruits and vegetables that are non-chemical produce, being a gardener of your home will promote the use of organic fertilizer as growing media, also it promote the use of cultural management for pest and disease infestation in our various garden.

Health is wealth, be glad to take a bold step of being a gardener of your home with joy.

Promote healthy ecosystem: we are all creating awareness for a green environment, but we fail to realise that utilizing home gardens as a solution toward global warming, the inclusion of carbon sequence plants e.g Conifers, Step tree & Masquerade tree, in our home garden will enhance a healthy ecosystem.

Assumption of Most Nigerians Toward the Adoption of Home Garden

“Dear Nigerians we remain where we are today because we mostly fail to ask question, we got every solution to our prevailing challenges only if those in the past could have choose to ask enough  questions rather than assumption, sadly we end up burying millions of brain cells without asking them enough questions for today”

 Expensive to adopt: Most Nigerians assume that establishing a home garden is quite expensive and may not be affordable by the poorest of poor in the country.

These are facts that are not genuine, these are mentality we choose to believe just because of our lack of ability to ask questions. All we need for adoption of a home garden is adequate knowledge, proper utilization of available space and good management practice.

We should always endeavour to create possibilities out of the impossible.

Time consuming : The result of being patient over everything in life is always worthy. A home garden is not a one man business, rather it is a daily activity that brings family love and unity where every member of the family is scheduled on daily activities, with these fruitful harvest should be expected in various homes.

Technical Guide for Home Garden Production

Identification of space: careful decision-making process should be allow when allocating space for home garden to satisfy conditions and requirement for plant growth

Family Size: The number of families being nuclear or extended family determine the size of space to be allocated for home garden, irrespective of the family size even with little space we can always result in different growing medium alternatives.

Choice of Food: Identification of family basic leafy vegetables, fruits, spices, herbs and other food consumption determine the possible layout of home garden in our various homes.

Materials and equipment: home garden tools to procure prior to production depends on family affordability, while non-available ones can be improvised it depends on our creativity.

Records Keeping: proper taking of records on every activities during and after cultivation is very important

Team Work: Adequate scheduling of gardening activities across every member of the family makes gardening management more friendly.

Management: proper monitoring of plant growth should be carefully followed, allowing group discussion and finding solutions to occurring problems.

Consultancy: Asking professional for guide and more technical principles to follow for a healthy, high quality and quantity yield shouldn’t be neglected

“If only Nigeria could once again be a nation of self-reliant, Seeing home garden as a lasting solution to food security, by creating immediate source of food in our various home, while every Nigerian become a gardener to his family, in the end our dear nation could once again be the true giant of Africa”

Growing your own vegetables can be fun as well as rewarding, all you need to get started is – some decent soil & few choice of plants, this will provide you fresh healthy vegetables to your family and loved ones, but if you want to become a professional vegetable gardener then you will have to learn and understand what it takes to keep your plants healthy as well as strong. Some of the vegetables and nutritional fruits that you can easily grow in your home garden include spinach, cauliflower, green peas, jute Mallow, pumpkin, guava, orange mangoes, pineapple and Banana etc. Also, good home gardening plans have been discussed in this article, it must be noted that there are many vegetables that can also be grown in pots.

We hope that this article serves as an introduction guide to Home Garden Production for every citizen of Nigerians across the country, finally as part of my contribution toward food security in Nigeria, I hereby offer free online consultant service on Home Garden Production for every citizen of Nigeria across the country.


My name is Nafesat Lawal, a graduate of Ahmed Bello University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Crop Science.  Discipline: Agronomy and Extension service provider carrier goals: TO contribute toward food security in Nigeria by providing adequate information to farmers focusing on 30% theoretical knowledge and 70% technical guide, also creating avenue for woman and youth skills acquisition.

Email: lawalafolashade2004@gmail.com

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