Dr. Akanni on his appointment as HOD, an ascension to the next level

From the future do I pick this words, words to be used in prospective, and in prospective because they are futuristic in nature and even so because somehow I am leaving the proud citadel I met a father and a role model. Auspiciously he is now climbing the ladder that befits men like him, in fact it’s long overdue.

Though the short distance of full rigorous academic endeavors will not give me the full and necessary time to navigate to his office at will, not even when my marriage to LASUSOC, did not work out, so invariably I misses his usual welcome, the normal Sirs’ I could have said when by chance we bump into each other, but still, in his benevolence, for the once in a while time we meet, Dr. Akanni will take me like his own, he welcome me with the greetings of peace, “Salaam alaikum” he would often say. Most especially when even words fail me.

While writing my acknowledgement as a recent graduate of LASU, I have no idea he is now the head of department, HOD, of the department of journalism, In the school of communication at Lagos prestigious university, the second best in Nigeria, I only got to hear about the good news from one of my association member, addressing him as “MR” Akanni, a taboo, to any lecturer, I tell you our lecturers cherish the title even more than their names. In between this group conversation I got the news, and my unofficial congratulations went straight to his WhatsApp, as usual, Baba will always answer.

Now that he is the HOD, it’s an ascension to the next level in many things, said and unsaid, likewise a board member of the Premium Times, where I had gained a good deal of experience. This is only a mark of better things to come especially for me because left to me, if NYSC, is a thing I can decide for myself, being his personal Assistance would have made me the veteran i long to become over time. But likes before, I will continue to learn from afar as well.

What are the expectations from the new boss? Well, his predecessor has done an impressive job, and asking around what our expectations might be for the new man aboard, it’s like asking the Parisian fans what MESSI will add to the team when obviously all of France had come to welcome him. Dr. Has got an immense wealth of experience, so much that my e-paper cannot take. He likely will make the school more proud, and more doors shall be open for students all around. To associations like Association of Campus Journalist, and Journalism students association, now is the time to make our voices heard, in and externally, Nationally if I am to be precise.

It was a privilege to have served one of this association, as an editor-in-chief, and thanks in no small measures to people like him, and the new executives are lucky to have someone who would not just listen, but would even task them to talk, I trust Dr. In that regard.

Being the Head of the mother of all departments, uneasy definitely lies the head, that wears the crown, that usually is the quote or proverb, but here I am tweaking it, “The one who fits the crown alone can wear it”. Dr. Fits and can wear the crown, and posterity will tell if I am right or wrong, even now, his intentions already have begun to manifest, we cannot tell surely for now, but on the sands of time his name shall surely be pasted.

This is my second tribute to you sir, and it shall continue to pour while giant strides you will continue to make as well, and for us, or kids like us, we too are embracing the reality of today, the harsh system of no one cares as we all know, but in you, we have found a father, and the many colors that being helpful stands for. Congratulations to the department of journalism, School of communication and the Lagos State University.

Come join me to raise a glass to newer works and development.

Yossy Info

Yossy Info

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