COVID-19: A Blessing in Disguise

Written by Oluwatumininu Adetoro

Lying down on bed in a corner of my room observing the stay-at-home order, I begin to ponder on the current unrelenting and unseen enemy of the world eating deep into humanity: the deadly “Coronavirus Disease.” Reflecting on our way of living as humans and the state of the earth before and during the outbreak of the pandemic while also taking cognizance of the after effect when we finally win the war, I cannot but ask myself this question: Is Covid-19 a blessing in disguise? Why did I say that?

Earlier before this novel Coronavirus disease was discovered in December 2019, in Wuhan, in Hubei Province, which has a population of 11 million and is China’s seventh largest city, the earth and the people therein have been battling with one challenge or the other which poses a threat to the sustainability and way of living of humans on earth.

However, despite the attempt by world leaders and organizations to curb the looming calamity that the activities of humans poses, it can be seen that keen attention has not been paid to this call.

Recall that as in 2019, before the outbreak of the virus which has put all human activities on hold and lock all humans indoor, the earth has been bleeding from the harm done to it by the activities of human, the effect of our actions has led to climate change and the reality of global warming has begun dawning on us as the world was beginning to experience increase in the temperature level on earth, events such as droughts, storm, changing rainfall patterns and even the recent fire outbreak in the Amazon amongst other things which poses threat to the coexistence of human and our wildlife.

Despite the emphasis by environmentalists and policy makers on the need for review on these activities in order to curb greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change, it could be seen that humans still go about living nonchalantly, oblivious of the high risk and impending catastrophic result of such. The United Nations also in a bid to integrate this policy, in a way of living of every nation came up with the 17 global goals of which the wellbeing of the mother earth was well emphasized in the goals. The reciprocal effect of which will bounce back on humans.

Then boom! The pandemic outbreak putting to halt the activities of humans thereby giving the earth time to heal from her many wounds. Is that not a blessing to earth?However, the loss of lives would definitely mitigate and overshadow such.

Should we say the outbreak has come to expose the need for there to be a review in the business and economical dealings of nations? Nigeria for instance should see the need for diversification as it has always been clamored for by economists. Nigeria has been known for generating an ample percentage of its revenue from exportation of crude oil, despite the stress for the government to look into other industries and develop them to help boost the economy. Also, the drop in price although negatively ‘impactful’ on the economy should serve as a message for the government and investors to begin looking into other areas such as agriculture and other industries begging for attention other than crude oil.

Furthermore, there is no doubt after the pandemic jobs will be lost and other financial and economic crisis will surface, but it is worthy to note that the lockdown has also pushed forward some businesses and individuals into the limelight of discovery.

Should we then look at these aspects of the lockdown?

Another critical aspect to look at is how this outbreak has drastically influenced our way of living health wise and economic wise. It can be seen that the careless and lavish lifestyle of humans has been reduced as people are beginning to be conscious of their spending and wastage reduced. Also, the consciousness of one’s health status and hygienic practices such as regular washing and sanitization, use of protective gears such as the trending nose mask amongst others has been adopted by all and sundry in a bid to prevent the contraction of the corona virus. There is no doubt by the time the virus is finally defeated, many households and individuals would have defected from their unhealthy and careless lifestyle and adapted to the new lifestyle the pandemic has made them embrace.

The lockdown has no doubt brought together and unite families as some children now have the privilege to spend ample time with their parents and guardians. Also, it has unveiled the good in some individuals as the need to help one another arises in the face of the virus.

It is also worthy to note that the fight against a common enemy has further strengthened the relationship between nations and also the relationship between certain individuals and their creator.

Although the virus comes at a great price as many lives are being lost daily, businesses capsize, jobs lost, economies affected, we should in this sober time try to also see some good in this period and be optimistic about all knowing that the challenges will be surmounted sooner than later. Despite all the happenings, we should see opportunities and good in all problems, possibilities in all impossibilities. Should we then say the outbreak of Covid-19 is a blessing, a curse or both? Let’s reflect!

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