by Kehinde Kukoyi
It is easy to wish to go into business as a student but how easy is it to manage such business along with academics?
There are student that combines business with academics such student are known as Student Entrepreneurs.
Business is the organized effort of individual to produce and sell for profit making. An entrepreneur is describe as a person with business idea that can be developed with little amount and expand to become large business with calculated risk involved.
Working class are practically hardworking. There are different reasons why students engage in business. Some do business to earn extra income aside from the one given to them at home. Some engage in business to support their parents due to their financial weaknesses, other students engage in business just to have experience on it and prepare themselves for the outside world. While some just enjoy running a business.

Student entrepreneurs are creative thinkers who are focus and have a sense of leadership skill. They are risk bearers as well. They are those that assumes themselves as working class students, they grow to be wiser and stronger as they learn from the business challenge that comes their way.


The general course entrepreneurship otherwise known as ENT contributes immensely towards encouraging students to become independent entrepreneurs, the theoretical part of the course ENT is to be taken by 200 level students in their second semester also the practical course is to be taken by 300 level students in their second semester as well.


This practical aspect makes the student fall into different section of handwork they wish to do and put things into practice. It is possible for the hardworking students with business idea to combine business with academics. It is possible for those that does not only see themselves as students but as working class students.


There are students that makes their grade as they make their money, such students have limited time to joke around. Their attention is diverted, half of it is given to academics while the rest is for business. Some of the student entrepreneurs exclaimed how stressful it is to combine both business with academics.
 Some of these student entrepreneurs miss classes just because they want to meet up with appointment with clients. This act is part of the sacrifices they make for the business to grow.
To be a young entrepreneur is a great advantage for students that wants to prepare themselves for the labor market. Some students don’t engage in business just to make money but does it as part of pleasure in their leisure time.
There are student entrepreneurs that receives allowance from their parents but does business as part of their principle because they just love being independent.
It is understood that students have a lot of activities to cover in school, assignments must be done and submitted as at when due. Tests and examination can be challenging as well. With all these duties imposed on students, the student entrepreneurs still find their way to fulfill both business activities and academics tasks.
There are various ways a student can be successful in both business and academics. They are:
  • Time management.
  • Get a reading time table.
  • Make sacrifices.
  • Know how to double task
  • Relate with other students this will make them patronize you.
  • Having a leadership skill, this becomes an habit and makes you stronger.
  • Stay positive and be optimistic.
  • Get a business card.
  • Be humble to yourself and every one.
Kehinde Kukoyi writes from Lagos State University, School of Communication. 
She is a proud Student Entrepreneur @CEO Khenniefashion
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