Climbing the mountain of Success with Solace – Oladimeji Kehinde

I woke up on a beautiful morning and dressed to set for the activities of the day and I decided to share my opinion of people’s way of life with a wonderful friend of mine whom this write up is dedicated to.

The gazed at which I set my colleague was so obvious that he noticed and had to call me scholar, he could see the picture of a willing and anxious lady who is greatly dedicated to learning as he sits with his pen to write.

Sitting in a class of over 300 learners was a privilege that will never be erased.

The opportunity to meet this great hero was seamless as he was so open and the discussion between a writer and an upcoming writer couldn’t be any easier.

He calls himself Solace and I wondered why?
But when I met the small but mighty solace I got all my doubts clears and my questions answered,He presented himself to be so willing and attentive to great minds like his, for ideas, initiative and ways forward.

Kareem Itunu

Here comes the hero who will always mention great names to back his point of view up and its obviously became his lifestyle and as we speak today, he is great and doing wonderful with the blog he created and I can boldly say that you cannot get bored when you read articles and stories on solacewrites blog as long as you are willing and ready to be exposed to his endless world of intellectual reasoning.

His inactiveness with friends made him to be referred to as a “snub” but trust me, he walks with the diligent and persistent minds that craves for success. His upbringing has taught him to be independent and responsible.

He was born and raised in a small hamlet, close to the lagos lagoon, although he got his first degree, National Diploma (mass communication ) yabatech, but currently striving for his Bsc political science, in one of the holistic citadel of knowledge, Lagos State University.

So in love with mass communication that he spent a semester on loan for the love of his life…..Journalism. In a terrain he once walk it’s path.

A man who believes, true knowledge is the humble passing unto others the little you know, while true happiness is seeing them better you, in whatever light you might have shown to them, one of his favorite quotes goes thus, “I don’t count my blessings by the balance in the banks, I count my blessings according to the smiles I put on people’s face”.

A public speaker, political analyst, a writer, who has written articles, published even though limited to his environment, a researcher for the YABATECH HERALD, newspaper and MAGAZINE, he is also a member of the lagos youth parliament, (lasu branch ). And how can I ever forget a “POET” with over (200) poems written, of which I too had the pleasure to edit some.

A descendant of Ibonwon, Epe, sharing boundary with the incumbent governor, Akinwunmi Ambode. It’s his dream to make sure his name is written in the sands of time, that’s why he says :
“If ever my story would be told, let them say, I walk with giants, A time when men rise and fall, like the winter’s wheat, let them Say I lived during the times of kenadura, legendary host, let them Say I lived during the times of Achilles, though the war may come and go But those names would forever remain”.

This amazing icon has put wonderful smiles on bloggers and upcoming writers like me and I can boldly write without being persuaded to do so.
May I use this opportunity to say I am a product of Solace.
As long as I live, I will forever remember the personality that brought me into the world of writing with pleasure and wisdom.


Yossy Info

Yossy Info

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