Africa Economy and Gender Inequity in Agriculture

The importance of Africa’s economy to the world can not be overemphasized. Africa is endowed with abundant human resources, trade, industry, and agriculture. Also, it is a known fact that agriculture is the bedrock of most African countries’ economies. Agriculture provides job security to two-thirds of the World continent’s working population.

” The true sustainability of Africa’s economy relies on gender equity, therefore to ensure continuous Agricultural increase in Africa GDP to the world economy, key constraints affecting women in Agriculture shouldn’t be only identified but holistically addressed” Nafesat Lawal.

Women in Agriculture should not only be used as peasant farm workers rather they should be given better opportunities to access the Agricultural Development Program (ADP), Training of Trainers (ToT), and Farm visit program. To increase the participation of rural and urban women in the adoption of sustainable farming there should be availability and accessibility to female extension agents in their community.

Research has shown that women in Agriculture that have access to quality agricultural information and technical guide support on basic principles of farming such as soil fertility management, crop management, disease/pest management, post-harvest management, marketing, and Agricultural waste management contribute positively to most developing Africa country economy GDP, access to female extension agent by rural and urban women will solve excuses that prevent them from being trained by male extension agent.

Women are the solution to most underlying problems affecting Africa’s economy being it insecurity, hunger, poverty, environmental pollution, and climate change, hence Policyholders should give room to Agricultural Development Program that accommodates women’s excuses to increase quality representation and participation, this will prevent Agricultural women focusing their energy and intelligence to crude skills that would not improve their standard of living and be financially independent.

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